Simple interfaces

User experience is one of our biggest values and therefore we look to keep our products’ interfaces as simple as possible. Nobody likes to use interfaces that are cluttered with different buttons and widgets, never really knowing what each one does. Using our products you don’t have to worry about wondering which button does what, as everything can be done with ease.


RockSolid is an easy-to-use application which can turn any PC or laptop into a powerful low-latency videomixer. All you need is a few video capture devices, and RockSolid will do the rest, making use of the advanced video processing capabilities of the CPU and GPU resources already present in every computer today. The video signal will be output on one of your video card’s outputs.

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Custom projections

We started writing our own tools for realtime video processing, for our own custom usages, such as projecting video on inflatable objects and doing full-dome projections. We aim to make full use of modern hardware, with their multi-core CPU and powerful GPU chips, so that our software can scale to high resolutions (full 1080p HD or better) and multiple outputs per computer.

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